Welcome to the Genius Blog

Here at Agatha Global Tech, creator of Annuities Genius, we are committed to providing you with all of the tools you could possibly need to sell annuities, especially in these turbulent times.

Our Annuities Genius software has already revolutionized the annuities industry by helping agents like you save time, boost production and quickly increase your Return on Investment.  We know that we can offer even more VALUE to the financial community by providing you with regular education, news and content to help take your business to next level.

Embracing and understanding changes in the market as they happen plays an essential role in optimizing your success as a financial agent.

  • What are other agents doing to get to the top?
  • How can you fill in the gaps in your business?
  • How do you quickly adapt as new technology becomes available?
  • How are you staying up to date to provide your clients with the very best in both service and product?

First, and most importantly, you need to see the Genius in action. If you’re not familiar with our platform, we urge you to SCHEDULE A QUICK DEMO to see for yourself how POWERFUL and transformative our collection of calculators, reports, and databases can be. You really need to see this for yourself, and our Genius Specialists will be able to give you all of tips and tricks you need to get the very most out of the Genius.

Annuities Genius is not just another list of products and rates, we give you concise and digestible information so you can get straight to making decisions. Clients trust advisors who use technology to eliminate concerns by simply SHOWING the difference between annuity products. You will be able to show your clients that you have their best interests at heart by providing side-by-side comparisons of any product type.

Next, be sure to keep an eye on this space for weekly updates that will help you grow your annuity business exponentially. We will focus on a range of topics that will lead your practice into the 21st century like virtual prospecting, social media marketing and even hosting your own client-facing webinar. In times like these, it is becoming increasingly more important to adapt to the changing market, and Annuities Genius is here to help you do just that. 

In these socially distanced times, agents like you need to be ready to swiftly adapt to whatever is going happen next.

  • How will you generate leads?
  • How do you handle client defection?
  • How do get in front of new faces without leaving your house?
  • How do you build engagement on your personal social channels?
  • How can you market yourself from your couch?
  • How can you reach a younger demographic?
  • How can you personally circumvent disintermediation?

Covid-19, social unrest, and wildfires have you re-thinking and re-strategizing how you are going to move forward with your annuities business. The way you used to do things is not going to work forever, and we understand that. We also realize that there is lack of resources in the industry, and everyone holds their secrets pretty tightly, but at Annuities Genius we want to make sure that we’re giving EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SELL ANNUITIES—even if you aren’t a subscriber.

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