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With thousands of annuities on the market, how can you really recommend the right one in the age of the Best Interest Standard? Well, you can’t.

But Annuities Genius CAN! You can find THE best annuity for a client based on what’s important to THEM - performance, fees, riders, company rating, income, growth, surrender charge length and more!

Tom Hegna
Tom Hegna

See why everyone is addicted!

Imagine dramatic results. Instantly gain trust of every prospect in front of you. Don`t just tell your prospect — show them.

  • Increase Sales

    Tested in the marketplace and proven to help close more business

  • Save Time

    Everything you need is gathered in one place within a click of a button

  • Be Transparent

    Your clients participate in the decision-making process, increasing your credibility and building trust

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What is Annuities Genius?

Beautiful, easy-to-read client reports help you close every sale. The platform is compliance-approved so clients know they are getting complete and accurate information.

  • Annuity Lead Generation

    Your optimized personal website is there on the first day of using Annuities Genius.

  • Pre-sales Presentation

    Show the customer the power of calculating all the best annuity options for him in one report.

  • Quoting System

    Create instant annuity illustration and print customer-friendly reports in one click.

  • E-App

    Send an annuity application blazing-fast without leaving the client page.

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Full access to real-time annuities data.
Search and sort by just about anything.


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Annuities Genius subscribers generate
of annuity production annually

47.2% of all their annuity production is made as a result of using Annuities Genius.

Pure Genius David, PURE GENIUS!

I had to tell you right away. This annuity software is nothing less than amazing! I’ve only had it only a short time and am still learning but… WOW!

What I can do with this software in seconds would take me so much time the old fashion way, and the presentations are so beautiful and powerful.

I’ve already sold 2 cases with my first 2 tries and I’m still learning to use it. I have been in this business for nearly 39 years and I have never seen anything like it.

This is what I have needed for years. I am going to close so many more cases! Wish we could keep this a secret. Lol. Pure Genius David, PURE GENIUS!

Closed on a $300K annuity

Just wanted to let you know that I signed on to start using annuities genius late last week, and have closed on a $300K annuity using the software.

We anticipate in the first full week of using this system, we will have a total of $600k in new production ready to go.

Thanks again for the time this morning by phone and your willingness to help me. This annuity software is truly going to change lives!

Won a $400k case!

I was able to win a case from another agent because of Annuities Genius. By having access and transparency to my competition, the Genius not only gave me the edge and more confidence, but I am most excited about the fact that my client obtained the best annuity that fit their needs.

Thanks Annuities Genius for helping me close this $400k case! Annuities Genius help to ensure my clients gets the best product for their needs.

I also have another $220k in the pipeline from an email that generated an appointment in 15 minutes. Annuities Genius is like an Ace of Spade!

Annuities Genius is brilliant!

It’s a one-stop shop for the annuity professional! The time savings is awesome!

In the past, I was forced to spend hours reviewing illustrations in order to find my clients the top performing FIAs. Now, with just a few clicks, I have all the info I need immediately!

The clients love it because they know they are getting the best annuity for their needs. It also gets rid of some the activities that are an mental drain for me! What’s most exciting is that AG is helping me achieve my production goals faster!

The industry has needed tool like this for a long time! Thank you!

Show the Best Annuity for Each Situation

I have only had Annuity Genius for a couple of month, but both my partner and I use it on almost every annuity presentation. It is a clean concise way to show the best annuity for each specific situation.

Stuart Raider, CLU® ChFC® President

Saving me a huge amount of time!

Your Annuity Genius software is saving me a huge amount of time! Also, it shows my clients that I am picking the best product for their particular situation.

You guys have thought of everything. Now, I don’t have to go to a dozen different websites and run hypos from a dozen different carriers.

In addition, my B/D compliance department loves this because I can show them I did my due diligence when selecting the right product for a specific situation/client.

Thanks for putting together a super product!!

I wrote an application for $177k

Yesterday, I met with a client who was considering transferring from his out-of-surrender VA into a FIA. He was unsure when to trigger income.

Using your annuity software, I was able to quickly show him the payments he would receive in 3, 4, 5, and 6 years.

The client was impressed with out the companies changed according to the different years. He also liked that he could see the income rider fees as well. I wrote an application for $177k.

Marty Johnson

Anyone who thinks about offering annuities to their clients MUST HAVE THIS SOFTWARE. As a fiduciary, I have strived to find the best products for my clients but never have I had anything that can make the difficult task not only quick and efficient but a means of PROVING to a client that I am an Annuities Genius seeking the absolute best for them.

Timothy Frisby
Timothy Frisby
President, Wealthcare Consultants

I have been very happy with AnnuitiesGenius since signing up for the software. AnnuitiesGenius provided me with virtually everything I need to help my client in with best interest requirements in selecting the appropriate annuity to meet the clients goals. I highly recommend this program for anyone offering annuities to their clients.

Barry Boscoe
Barry Boscoe
President, Brighton Advisory Group

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