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Be Transparent.
Get More Sales.

Before Annuities Genius: With thousands of annuities on the market, how can you really recommend the right one in the age of the Best Interest Standard? Are you truly offering the best option to your clients?

After Annuities Genius: You have a TRUSTED product validation process to determine client suitability. You keep impeccable, comprehensive records. You have an all-in-one, compliant sales process.

No credit card required
  • All types of annuities in one database

    Annuities Genius is the only annuity database that includes all types of annuities in one place. Filter, compare, and sort annuities by product type, issuer, and more.

    • FIAs, MYGAs, RILAs
    • Variable annuities
    • Income annuities
    • Side-by-side comparison
    • Brochures & reports
    • State-specific variations
    • Real-time rates
  • Lifetime income rider calculator

    Quote all types of riders in one place. Compare riders side-by-side and see how they affect the annuity’s performance.

    • No per-report chart
    • Side-by-side comparison
    • Increasing income
    • Performance-driven
    • Enhanced benefits
  • Top performing FIA accounts

    Backtested performance for all FIAs. Compare the performance of indexed accounts side-by-side and see how they stack up against the market.

    • Returns over 10, 15 or 20 years
    • Best & worst performance
    • Custom date ranges
    • Live index values
  • Instant carrier-like illustrations

    Quickly create full annuity illustrations with the click of a button. Illustrate FIAs, RILAs, MYGAs and SPIAs.

    • Guaranteed & hypothetical
    • Scheduled withdrawals
    • Additional premium
    • All types of riders
    • Printable reports
  • SPIA/DIA Calculator

    Quote all immediate annuities from one place. Compare all pay outs side-by-side in a table.

    • More than 25+ carriers
    • Blazing fast
  • Death benefit calculator

    Quote enhanced death benefit riders to provide the highest legacy to your heirs.

    • Lump sum
    • Periodic payments
  • Top MYGAs

    Simple tool to find the highest guaranteed accumulation rate available on the market.

  • Personal lead-generating website

    Website builder provides you with a personal website that you can use to generate leads and grow your business.

    Personal website
    • Shows live rates
    • Lead phone validation
    • Personal customer cabinet
  • Compliance is covered for you

    Best interest of the client is our top priority. We keep records of every report you run inside the software.

    • Record-keeping
    • Client notes
    • Reports log
  • Easily point out client's problem

    Our three questionnaires will help you to easily point out your client's problem and suggest the best solution.

    • Retirement freedom questionnaire
    • Suitability questionnaire
    • Risk analyzer
  • Text your clients, or chat with them

    Send text messages to your clients right from your CRM. Or chat with them using our built-in chat feature.

    • Instant communication
    • Hot leads

Annuity Validation
for Best Interest

Annuities Genius provides several components that assist with Reg BI compliance.

Fact-finding questionnaire
Choose the product that meets your client’s main financial objectives.
Risk analyzer
Make your decisions based on client's risk tolerance.
In-app voice recorder
Record your conversations with ease.
Comprehensive CRM
All of your client information in one place.
Record-keeping tool
Every report that you print is stored for 6 years.
Side-by-side comparison
Give your client options and let them decide.

Two Reasons Clients
Will Say "No" To You

  • They don't understand what you are selling

    Annuities are hard to understand. They need to see it with their eyes and understand WHAT are they buying.

  • If they don't trust you, they won't buy from you

    Build trust by educating your client. Every decision you make should be in the service of your client's best interest.

With thousands of annuities on the market, how can you really recommend the right one in the age of the Best Interest Standard? Well, you can’t.

But Annuities Genius CAN! You can find THE best annuity for a client based on what’s important to THEM - performance, fees, riders, company rating, income, growth, surrender charge length and more!

Tom Hegna
Tom Hegna

Turn Your Clients To "Yes"

Don't just tell your prospects... Show them!

Best Interest and Compliance

Immediately build trust and confidence.

  • Fact-finder questionnaire

    Building instant rapport with clients by analyzing all the facts about them and helping them to achieve their real goals.

  • Online record-keeping

    All reports are stored in client's profile for 6 years. It gives you confidence and protection.

Genius Dashboard
#1 software to help
close annuity leads

Top-Notch Annuity Tools

Show your client an unbiased comparison of products.

  • Guaranteed and projected income riders

    Calculate highest lifetime income for each client individually. Offer them increasing income and interest multiplier riders.

  • Side-by-side comparison reports

    Show your client three or five products in one report and let them make the final decision knowing the difference.

  • Index performance and backtesting

    Ability to see historical performance of all indexes and backtest them with different rate lets you choose based on facts.

Genius Mobile

Sales system and CRM

Be effective and save precious time.

  • Personal lead generator

    Your personal website gains you leads that go right to your CRM to be converted in several clicks.

  • Client profile, tasks and notes

    You won't be able to lose any important piece of information or miss a critical task any more.

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Here's the truth
You Cannot Gain Trust Without Technology
Clients trust advisors who use technology to eliminate concerns
by simply SHOWING the difference between annuity products.
Show your clients that you have their best interests at heart
by providing side-by-side comparisons of any product type.
It is time for complete transparency
with Annuities Genius software.

“This program is a time saver and a great education tool. I use it for presentations and also to educate myself on how and what each annuity offers.”

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie
Agent, Amerilife


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How are you different as an agent?
Gain the power of using Illustrations as a Sales Tool with clients.
The only annuity software
you’ll ever need.
It’s Pure Genius and
it does it all for you.

As a $15Million a year Producer with FIA’s for the past 20 years I can assure you I’ve never seen an “easier way to sell” Annuities with a click of the mouse. Your prospects will realize “You work for them” not any one Annuity Carrier. Our Advisors loved it! David is one of the most energetic 24 hour a day entrepreneur! I recommend this for anyone who wants to triple their annuity sales this year!

Steven DeJohn
Steven DeJohn
Founder, Advisors Ignite USA

I have been very happy with AnnuitiesGenius since signing up for the software. AnnuitiesGenius provided me with virtually everything I need to help my client in with best interest requirements in selecting the appropriate annuity to meet the clients goals. I highly recommend this program for anyone offering annuities to their clients.

Barry Boscoe
Barry Boscoe
President, Brighton Advisory Group

The most powerful annuities dashboard on the market

The smarter way for insurance agents to do great work. Full access to real-time annuities data. Search and sort by just about anything.

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