April Update: New Genius Tools

Annuities Genius was updated on April 12. Here are the highlights.

Universal Illustrator

Illustrate every Fixed Index Annuity with all the details:

  • Accumulation value
  • Hypothetical performance
  • Guaranteed Income riders
  • Performance-driven income riders
  • Increasing income riders
  • Enhanced death benefit riders
  • Systematic withdrawals
  • RMDs
  • Additional premiums
  • Systematic payments

... All in one tool!

Just like your illustrations on carrier websites.

Now you can do it in one place, in a standardized way.

Enhanced Death Benefit Rider Calculator

Unique to Annuities Genius.

  • Find the best death benefits for your clients.
  • Sort and Rank by Guaranteed or Hypothetical values.
  • Switch death benefit type from Lump Sum to 5-year Payouts.
  • Print ranking reports and illustrate each annuity individually.

Multifunctional Income Rider Calculator

This is a completely new tool which can:

  • Calculate guaranteed income riders
  • Show hypothetical lifetime income for performance-driven riders
  • Illustrate total lifetime withdrawals to explore increasing income riders
  • Solve for premiums
  • Print amazing reports with rider details
  • Take different allocation strategies into account
  • And so much more...

Deprecated Tools

The Backtest Historian tool has now become part of the Universal Illustrator. Unlike the Backtest Historian tool, the Universal Illustrator takes rider fees and other product features into account and gives a more transparent view of the product.

The Guaranteed Income Calculator will be replaced by the more powerful new Multifunctional Income Rider Calculator, which can show both guaranteed and hypothetical income values.

Learn More

The best way to learn the new tools is to attend, via zoom, Annuities Genius Live.

Annuities Genius Live is our daily Prime training webinar every M-F from 9:00-9:30 (Pacific) and is open to all Prime members.

This is where we use Annuities Genius to solve various scenarios and walk through the whole process.

We also have Q&A.

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