December Update: Product Decks & Performance Analyzer

Two important updates are now live. The first one brings better distribution channel management for your product decks, saving you a lot of time when creating or editing your product shelf. The second update enhances your experience while selecting top-performing indexed annuity allocations for fixed index annuities.

Distribution Channels In Product Decks

You now have the option to select distribution channels that are available to you upon product deck creation. Are you an independent agent or an advisor interested in fee-based products? Do you sell annuities through a bank or B-D? Do you have access to annuities with limited distribution?

Easily narrow down the annuities by selecting your distribution channels.

After you've done that, all annuities in your product deck and all the tools will be narrowed down to the distribution channels available to you.

Performance Analyzer Update

Selecting top-performing fixed index annuity allocations has never been easier.

  • The filters have been reworked to highlight the most useful options, making the selection process a breeze.
  • You can now easily filter out only the indices that we introduced at least 10 years ago with the new "Live only" option.
  • Quickly pull up historical index performance with a click of a button without leaving the tool.
  • And more...

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the update or Annuities Genius in general.

Annuities Genius Team